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New shirt designs plus my visit home!!!

Me making the same annoucement again and again! Sorry if I am driving you nuts, this video was supposed to go up thursday when the little flyer I made went up but I didn't have time to edit it together while I was home whith my family! But that's okay because I had a really awsome time just relxing with my family and getting to have puppy time. There are videos towards the end of my visit home and a tour of another one of my corners in the house lol!!

Also taking submissions for the next SNIPPETS video which is going to be moved to April 20th, since I don't have many submissions for this week! But I do have a few video ideas for this week so we will see what we end up doing...

Please watch to hear me chit chatting about how awesomeEndeavor After LLCis and see my new designs! I will be picking up my order tomorrow! So excited! Please share and grab a shirt if you can!! And I will see you all soon, KEEP ON ROCKIN'!

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