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Bat B-Day Skweek: Part 2: Adventure to The Keystone Safari!

My sister and niece meet up with me for a Birthday Adventure a few weeks back to the Keystone Safari up in Grove City!! We had an awesome day and got to meet all the animals. The drive-thru was really cool too, it really made it feel like we were not in Pennsylvania for a minute!! I am super thankful for them meeting me, all I asked for or wanted to do on my birthday was spend time with them! Then I came back and had dinner with Andy and one of each of our best friends!

It was a great day, I'm just behind on time to edit!!

I definitely recommend for you to check this out, and it's outside and easy to the social distance while inside!! <3<3 Also there is some bonus footage at the end of my mom, sister and niece visiting last year and going to The Children's Museum! (that I never put together, probably because I thought I was filming when I was not and was filming stuff I didn't know I was filming... sometimes I'm a mess) BUT both awesome days! I love my family and getting to spend special days with them and getting to see them as often as I can even though we live a few hours apart!

Don't forget to also check out to see my latest videos and blogs, as well as all of my upcoming videos that I want you all to participate in and you can buy a shirt there as well! It's on my list to make a few more designs!

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