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BatApproved: 5 NEW Music Releases; I can't stop listening to!

Alright here is a list of some new music from 2020, that I can't stop listening to. Also HIIIII, sorry I've been MIA! I started writing a few times but then it turned into a long annoying anxiety post so I held off! I have like 4 videos I'm working on too, so those will be out soon!! (BatBirthday Adventure, Unboxing our motorcycle helmets, Punk Rock Therapy Collb video, and 412nes EP 5 of Snippets)

1. The Used - Heartwork - Full Album!

The Used is in my all-time top 5; more so than My Chemical Romance and IDK more people don't say that! Although its not TU vs MCR its the argument of who is better. But anyways this entire album is fucking awesome; and I can't stop listening! The single Blow Me Away came out a while ago and the album released in April! I was only going to list songs but I don't know that I can pick just one! Also as we all had concept plans canceled due to COVID 19 the only one I was really pumped for this summer was Four Chord Music Fest because The Used was going to be there, the date was reset to next July and hoping they stay on. I haven't seen them for at least 6 years!! Also, Blink 182 was to be on that festival and I guess I've come around to being okay with Tom not being in it (NOT REALLY) but Mark Hoppis seems to be in everything again now! I'll add 3 for this one; the third will be The Lighthouse ft Mark & front line, essential workers! (also side note; why do I always miss the notices to send in a video to be part of some of my favorite bands' videos! This is not the first time I've missed out! Wow, I wrote way more than planned!

2. Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine Also out in May, I was never really that into MGK besides him being in SLC Punk 2 and then in The Dirt but lately, I find myself listening to him wayyyyy too much! The music video for it popped up when I got the new little Xfinity box thing and I don't hate it; it's kinda weird and features Megan Fox whom I still love from Jennifer's Body. I guess the two of them are a thing? So that cool although I don't dig too much into celebrity gossip! This is usually the starting song and then I let it play out MGK "radio". I dig the acoustic version of Bloody Valentine as well! Ohhh also another link to Blink 182 he does quite a bit with Travis Barker and they did a pretty awesome cover of Misery Business! NEW NEW ALERT: Just discovered while getting the links for MGK and TB; a new song and lyric video from yesterday for Concert for Aliens ... And I love it, very fun pop-punk, has to do with aliens, it's animated in a pretty cool style, and reminds me of... I think All Time Low's old animated videos which I planned on my final student project being in the same style and subject but it was a bit too much to do on my own... let me see... Yes, it was All Time

Low's music videos for their album Don't Panic!

3. Metro Station - I Hate Society

Discovered this a few weeks ago, Andy and I were jamming to Shake It on our way to the Wedding we went to and then the next day I was in a Metro Station Mood and boom a new song?? What?! Also, it's so relatable been having quite a bit of Anxiety lately, as well as I am probably one of the most paranoid people ever! Most of Society does suck extra hard lately too! Here are some of the lyrics

"I always feel like someone's watching me... When I'm all by myself but I shouldn't believe it

The doctors got me in a pharmacy... For my anxiety but I'm starting to lose it.... I feel like nothing g-g-goes my way... Even as a kid I never felt okay.... I'm sick of all this new technology.... Feel like it's killing me.... I hate society" It really is relatable but fun in a poppy way. EMO AF! (who thinks I should design an EMO WEIRDO t-shirt? Been thinking about it for a while now, because I will always be your local EMO)

4. YUNGBLUD - Strawberry Lipstick

This one even surprised me; I really didn't want to like YUNGBLUD and usually don't listen to what is current or currently trending. I'm usually stuck in my own music bubble but have been expanding. The song is catchy "take it easy, take it easy on me" Also pup punky so that could be why I'm digging the new music and newer artist now that they are crossing moreover into the pop-punk category. Also, the music video is pretty sick and I can't get over the plaid Suit, I need me one of those! He just seems like a psycho punk; seems like he would be a cool dude to chill with. Looking forward to shows again to see some of these artists I'm talking about!

5. Sleeping with Sirens - Talking to Myself

Also the lyrics relatable and EMO but with a nice scream here and there for your eardrums; which I've needed lately!! Another animated lyric video and the artwork is fucking rad; the animation pretty simple! I've been wanting to get back into my original goals in life and why I went to college and make music videos; I could probably pull off something like this if someone else made the drawing. Drawing still stresses me the F out! Back to the song and reliability... Yesterday I was literally yelling to myself and kinda talking shit I suppose (it's part of the lyrics) but mostly was just yelling at how my brain has been working. I really am not depressed, depressed but been pretty on the edge and upset over many things and my anxiety and bitterness have been coming out as anger (so hey a bit about mere here) Although I'm in a could be better but could be a way worse spot. I am okay but my brain has been being hard on itself. And I'm the main cause of most my issues (well kinda) anyways.. This is not about what my brain is doing but here are the lyrics that are just pretty on point! "For everybody doing good, yeah, I wish you well... I hope you never have to go through this hell.... My head's in a cage, I'm locked in a cell.... I'm not talking shit, I'm just talking, talking to myself.... I'm not depressed, no, I'm just pissed... That I ever could've let my life come to this"

So yeah, I think that is it for the 5 new songs, I can't stop listening to! I was literally just going to make a list and now I've been typing and watching music videos for just about an hour! But I feel like it was a pretty good way to start the day; productive and my pup X is laying here next to me being super cute! Lots to do today, working on the Punk Rock Therapy video today, that will be up this weekend. And check out the event on FB for Submissions for Snippets Episode 5 in support of Black Lives Matter! Please share the event and send something for me to include!

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