News Stories - WTAE

I have worked for WTAE- Pittsburgh's Action News 4 for almost 6 years with one year away in the middle.

These are some of the most recent stories I have had the pleasure of editing!  


2020 "Student" Projects:
I decided to refresh skills and learn avid by auditing the 

Advanced Editing  lass at Point Park University. I took the class in 2013, although I feel like I learned so much more this time around!! The projects included a commercial edit for "J-Pops", a documentary edit "Scramble King", a frankenbites clip "Adam Driver" all with footage provided by the school. I am currently working on my next project that will be cutting a music video!
I love learning and creating, having assignments to work another than just my video blogs and band features is a awesome opportunity to step outside of what I am comfortable in and is preparing me for many more projects in the future!  



4the412 Project

Pittsburgh's Lifestyle & Entertainment Channel (2015-2017)

temporary project for Hearst and WTAE, creating videos featuring all the interesting and fun things around Pittsburgh!
For this project I got to Produce, Shoot, Interview, and Edit all of my own video 
content. As well as help the other team members when needed. Being part of an amazing creative team was the best experience I could ever ask for, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been on the project. I'd say 4the412 work is what I'm most proud of and helped make me who I am today and realize my dreams and goals for life!


Freelance Projects
I've been a freelance artist for 5+ years! I take on projects

when requested. I usually get more freelance work with my 

graphic design but love the opportunity to create videos

with others!  I was recently hired by an 8 year old, Mr. Skyler

Radtastic to help him create his YouTube videos!