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Why Donate?

412nes is independently run by me (Trish).

412nes is just a hobby, it is not a business although I am attempting to model it like a business,

so in the future maybe it can develop into a real business! 

I make and work on 412nes in my spare time around work and family time. 

It is free to be featured on 412nes! (You can hire me for freelance video and design work!!)

I do all of my production and post-production on 412nes episodes. 

Soon, hopefully, I will have others helping with shooting, hosting, and writing blogs for 412nes.

(this will be to have more content then what I can make, I'd like to have one video a week again! 

Also, I will be helping these other creators to learn video skills and building their own brands -

almost like interns: DI RECORDS will be helping me with these freelancers.)

All equipment is my own, donations were accepted to help pay for some of the camera,

the audio equipment was donated by Filmburgh!  Everything else has been paid out of my

or my mom's pocket... (Huge Thank yous to her and everyone who has previously donated!


I make all my own graphics and design; for the last month,

I have spent at least 3-4 hours a week working on re-building the entire site!

Just to have my URL connected here on Wix I have to pay for a Wix plan that is about $200 a year;

plus the fee for URL & the protection plans. 

I only work part-time (3 days a week) and its always-on weekends so to get off for a show, I'm missing

out on 1/3 of my paycheck for the week. Typically I can't request or take off for that reason but if you

want your donations to go towards me taking off for a specific show; that can be discussed.

I WILL NOT use any donations for taking time of unless we do speak about it.

What will be done with the donation?

Website & Wix fees

Future merchandise, stickers, t-shirts


Potentially getting an LLC or something to officially make 412nes a business.

(although I know nothing about that- but it is a future goal!)

If you donate please feel free to let me know which of these things you want the donation to go towards!

Or if there is something else you think the donation should go to, I am open to suggestions/request! 

Don't forget you can hire Trish rather than donate!

As awesome as it is when someone can donate, most people don't just have extra money laying around. 

I also prefer to be able to give back or also have the opportunity to help pay my bill and rent and get groceries!

I will never use a 412nes donation for my personal profit or to support my life. I mean if you want to send grocery

money (which I'm not asking for, just trying to clarify) you can but be sure to specify that. 

BUT you can hire me for many freelance things; graphic design, video editing, help with a web-site, and more. 


I am open to sponsorships; I have to learn more but doing some sort of promotions for other blogs, businesses, or even bands.

I can make a video talking about you or products or brands. I could model for your brand or band; I used to do that but haven't for a few years but would be open to it!

Please, ask any other questions or for more details if you are interested!

You can message me through the site of email me at or