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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

I HAVE NEW HAIR! AFTER A YEAR OF PURPLE AND GREEN!! Working on making logos and the site match, will have to do a photoshoot soon!! Need to do one anyways to feel better about myself! Big announcements coming but have to have a meeting or two more and so much work to get done on the site and to make things to kick off what I'll be announcing, but it's awsome!

Also I kinda really hate the wix blog, there are some great elements on it but the design capabilities really are not up to par with how the website works. Why does it not work the same?? Anyways I hope someone reads these blogs, I'll also be one of the many places new videos will be posted, so be sure to sign up for the blog to get notifications when new things are posted and so you can leave comments on the blog and forum! (not sure how the forum works but we will figure it out!! :)

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