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Spacebat Productions Presents Episode 5 and 6!

Hey Batfriends! I missed posting Episode 5 in the blog last week and today is the first day for Episode 6. Here are links to the previews. If you are or have been watching please leave a comment and let me know. Music from the 412 has also been playing reruns of previous episodes so keep an eye on the channel if you missed any!

Spacebat Productions Presents : Episode 5

T.J. Harris Animations Featuring Jason Sauer and FRZY.

Mr. UglyFace - The Power Of Ohmm, Sasquatch, The Tooth Fairy

Flashbacks From 412nes Featuring Native Alloys

Taking It Back to Lil Bat - LilBat Playlist & My dog Excalibur

Jessica & Zosia talk about the pressure we put on ourselves as artist trying to be "perfect".

Spacebat Productions Presents : Episode 6

Flashbacks From 412nes Featuring Kelptosonic

T.J. Harris Animations Featuring Adam Valen

Aliens Over Pittsburgh - Lexa Terrestrial at The Whisper Nest

Mr. Bones featuring Kidmental and Princess Jafar

Music Roundtable - Talking music featuring BatTrish

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