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SBPP Ep. 13 Preview: Jeff Bertrand, Anti-Flag, Lexa Terrestrial & T.J. Harris, Nox Boys, Casketmaker

Spacebat Productions Presents : Episode 13 Featuring

BatChats - Jeff Bertrand

Flashblacks from 412nes : Justin Sane / Anti-Flag

Aliens Over Pittsburgh : Lexa Terrestrial & T.J. Harris

Mr.Bones : Knox Boys

Brennan Grimes : Casketmaker

Bills Concert Calendar

Watch Monday - Saturday at 2pm and 8 pm and on Sundays 11 am and 8pm ONLY ON Music from the 412. Thats a wrap on season one! Look forward to Spacebat Productions Presents Segments as they come out here on YouTube and on our Facebook!!

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