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New Video & Series: 412nes Submision/Show Snippets; Episode One!

What’s Rockin’ 412ners; I put together a special “show” snippets for you without leaving the house! I asked for video submissions of anyone singing or jamming and put it together in a fun little batty montage for yinz. I received some submissions from friends, bands that have been on 412nes before and others from some new bands! This episode features; Cody Tyler Silence Follows Lexa Terrestrial 9 Stitch Method A Door with No House Snowdonia & Frantic Endeavor Be sure to check all of them out on their websites & social media platforms! Also, I want to make this a reoccurring series so please make and send in your submissions to! Thank you to DI Records for helping get a submission! Don’t forget to go read the newest 412nes Blog about our shirts now on Endeavor After LLC & teaming up with DI Records!! So happy to be filling better and to fill my day with hair coloring, putting makeup on and making a video!! <3 What other things do you guys want to see from Lil Bat & 412nes??

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