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I got my first 412nes shirt!!!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Picked up the first order of 412nes shirts from Endeavor After LLC last night!! I will be ordering a few more soon; also thinking about making some designs that are not just the logo! What kind of designs would you want to see? Do you want one with my face on it (lol I doubt it, but maybe?) Or what kind of graphic do you think I should make?! You can get the logo currently in purple/green or red!! I'm so excited, after 5 years of 412nes to finally have shirts and to have them made by such awesome people! Head on over to Endeavor After LLC now; to pick up a 412nes shirt or one of the many other awesome designs they have!!

If you do get one please send me photos or a short video of you in your shirt and I will add it into a snippets video! Also don't forget to submit videos for the next Snippets! I would love to feature some animations and podcasts this time.

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