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History of 412nes!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

412nes was started in 2015 as part of a project called 4the412 ran by Pittsburgh Channel 4 News WTAE. 4the412 gave Trish the opportunity to make fun news/social media stories about things in Pittsburgh along with an awesome group of other content creators. Each creator had their own niche and Trish of course picked music because that was always her passion. One day while preparing to start the new job she was doing her makeup and shouted to her friend in the other room, 412nes and it was perfectly creative and came at the exact right moment!

412nes can be broken down into a "math equation" kinda, at least it's how Trish has described it for the last year. 412 = Pittsburgh ; Tunes = Music ; 412 + (Tunes-Tu) = 412nes .

412nes went though the whole project of 4the412 until it ended at the end of 2017. Right after Trish had another job who loved the idea the last project had and continued it under a new media channel called FunBurgh. FunBurgh did not last long, Trish made a few episodes with them but them and it was hosted on the channel but then they allowed Trish to post to her BatTrish page. During the time Trish was away from 4the412 she felt she could have a bit more creative name that fit her and matched her social medias and everything was then BatTrishCrazy and LiLBaT. FunBurgh and the job that went with it completely fell apart and 412nes took a hiatus. The hiatus was mostly because Trish did not have equipment. Both 4the412 and FunBurgh the camera and audio equipment was owned by the company that employed Trish. Some videos were made with a phone, a 412nes facebook page, instagram and youtube were created along with it's own website. Trish saved money for a little over a year but also got help from friends and some local bands with a GoFundMe. (Which you can still find if you want to help support 412nes or Trish's venmo @BatTrishCrazy or hire Trish for an EPK or other design or video things).

So in 2019 she started back up again and made around 20 videos in 2019. Andrew, Trish's boyfriend helped out on many of the shoots and also had one episode he hosted! Although it was not as many episodes as Trish would have liked; 412nes is just a hobby and for fun and she fits it in around her job, personal, and family life. Trish has big goals for 412nes 2020, that will be announced soon so keep tuned. Trish rebuilt both of her websites and which link to the same thing, if you want to see BatTrish just goto the URL and click the top left link that says the same thing! It is too expensive to pay for two sites when no money is being made to find them, at least for now.

There is between 80 and 100 Episodes out since 2015 you can find them all on youtube, there is a playlist on 412nes with them all included or you can just type 412nes into the search. They can also be found on the old website here. Or on the 412nes Episode page on this site, lots of options to find them. Watch the videos below to find out more and see some of the past, a new recap for 2019 is currently in the works as well; meaning it's half edited but I have to decide what more I am doing with it and also have one million other things I am working on for this too!


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