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Flashback from 412nes : Native Alloys (2016)

Hop into the Spacebat Time Machine with me and lets fly back to 2016! In this flashback we take a look at The Native Alloys at the Zenith in South Side, Pittsburgh!

Flashback from 412nes is a (new) series that is brining back the (old) series as part of the new "Spacebat Productions Presents" Show on Music from the 412. This flashback was part of Season 1, Episode 5. You can watch full episodes of "Spacebat Productions Presents" on Monday-Saturday at 2pm and 8pm and on Sundays 11am and 8pm.

New Episodes air every Monday and there are 13 episodes for this first season. Please follow Spacebat Productions and Music from the 412 on all the Social Medias!!

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