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Favorite Fictional Band? Mine; The Wonders (Oneders)!!

So I was doing my usual 3 hour drive back from my parents house that I do every few weeks. I hate the drive but also I love it because its when I actually get time to think and be creative and for some reason being in the car I come up with my best ideas. Probably because I'm not distracted by my phone or other people or tv shows its just me, my music and my mind!

Anyways so my current favorite song is Green Day's "Stab You In The Heart", and I'm jamming and clapping along and realized I probably love it so much because it sounds like "That Thing You Do" by The Wonders, from "That Thing You Do"! So of course I then put on the sound track to "That Thing You Do" and sang along to every song just like I will do do any time the movie comes on.

"That Thing You Do" has been in my top 5 movies since I can remember. I loved it so much because it was a band from Erie, PA; which is about 30 mins from where I grew up and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I'm not going to lie I'm pretty sure this film has a huge part to do with why I love music and the local scene so much! When I was a teen I was part of the Erie 814 music scene and lived by it well into living in Pittsburgh. I still love the 814 music scene but I don't really know any one in it since I've been in Pittsburgh so long. And got to be part of the 412 music scene a little before I started 412nes in 2015!

So growing up I thought "That Thing You Do" and The Wonders were 100% real! To my surprise in college we got to watch the film as part of a film class and I was so ecstatic but I said something to someone, I don't remember exactly what happened and I ended up looking up if it was real. AND WELL IT IS NOT, IT IS ALL FICTIONAL, lol. Tom Hanks you broke my heart and ruined my life, haha just kidding. Also "That Thing You Do" is my all time favorite Tom Hanks movie and you can't change my mind! Although he is not a main main character this is a film that Tom Hanks both wrote and Directed. The film has an awesome cast, my favorite characters would be in order; Lenny (Steve Zahn), Guy (Tom Everett Scott), and Faye (Liv Tyler). PS. F