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BatTrish on Start the Beat w/ SIKES chatting about 412nes!!

Check it out, I'm on the opposite side of the interview!! Thank you so much to Sikes for having me on Start the Beat! We have been chatting about it for a few years and finally were able to link up!! I was super nervous to be interviewed; usually, I'm not fast at answering and forget what I'm answering while giving the answer! But he is awesome at what he does and a friend so it went way better then I expected! I didn't even say anything too weird lol! We talk all things 412nes related and about my own personal history, love for music, how I got started, where I came from, and all kinds of things you probably don't know about me! So go follow Start The Beat w/ SIKES on social media to watch our interview but keep up with all the other awesome Start The Beat episodes as well as his bands Greywalker and Sikes & The New Violence!!! Leave a comment and let me know something you learned about me or ask me a question of something you would like to know about 412nes or me?!!

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