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Awesome Announcements: 412nes Shirts on Endeavor After LLC & we have teamed up with DI RECORDS!!!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Hey everyone! I've been working on a few things lately and had a timeline plan of when things would happen and such but with this crazy world we live in some things that are going to happen out of order and that's totally cool because it's 2020 our 5th year and time to grow 412nes!

So first up as of today; we have t-shirts available on Endeavor After LLC's website! You probably already know of them and if you don't you should go check them out right now! They have lots of awesome shirts of all kinds and are only growing more and more. It is a family run business right here in Pittsburgh; 412nes and BatTrish even did a few videos of them in the past, and will definitely be working together once we can get out and film again. Some of the kindest most kick-ass people you will ever meet. So even if you're not in the need for a 412nes shirt get something else! I may finish up some other designs I have started in the past too as well as possibly adding a BatTrish shirt!! Other awesome friends and pieces of the 412nes music scene have shirts on there too; Build The Scene, Twist of Fate, First Angel Media, and DI RECORDS!! This leads us into our next announcement one that's been in the works for a good while......

I have teamed up with DI RECORDS, our friend and one of our biggest supporters! More details to come soon but 412nes is now part of the DI Team and DI is part of the 412nes team! Together we are working on bringing you more content by having a 412nes team. We already have our team members in the works and plans are pretty much set but as with shows being on hold, this is on a temporary delay! Soon I will be announcing new team members and opening up the team member page. Shout out to Dakota who is DI RECORDS for seriously being the biggest supporter we have and an all-around awesome dude!

For now, be sure to follow DI Records on all social media and bookmark the along with!! While you're on DI Records check out some of their artists and leave me a comment on this blog if you find someone new to rock out too!!