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Aiden's Most Extra Birthday Party 2020!!

So this isn't a blog blog post, because it's been a pretty busy week. But check out some awesome photos of a great party we went to last night; so many amazing people and performances!! My awesome boyfriend made me a shirt of fur and an undershirt, it took him all day! He also made himself some little things to add to his outfit so we could match! (sometimes we do cute things like that, we should more often though lol). I got to see lots of friends I don't get to see often, brought a new friend, and meet many new amazing people! I am so happy to be included and invited to one of my best friend's birthday, and she really knows how to throw a great party!

It's nights like that, that make me realize how many awesome and unique people I know, it's totally crazy!! Love you all, and to all the friends I missed out on getting pictures with! ALSO another thank you to Andy for taking almost all of the pictures, too I just gave him the camera because I hate being behind the camera but also like I should have took more photos too!

Odd Question... Does anyone else get post-event anxiety?

Like as soon as I got home I was like wtf why did I do this.... and then the next day as soon as I wake up OMG, What did I do? Was I annoying? Who did I offend? Was I an asshole? Why didn't I talk to this person? Why was I in the other room when this happened? Why did I have to pee so much? (or why did I let 10 people go ahead of me in the line and take forever to get back to everything?) Why didn't I take more photos with my boyfriend? Did I drink too much? Did I keep this person away from visiting anyone else? Why can't I look and feel this confident always? I didn't drink that much compared to normal? Did anyone feel like I ignored them? Blah blah blah? Why didn't I eat a piece of that awesome looking pie?

But also I'm pretty happy with all the photos that turned out, I don't feel too self-conscious in that outfit, I drank a lot of water and did eat a little bit... I love, love, love my make up every time I have dark or colored contacts in and wish I could wear them more and buy more. IDK why that helps me feel more confident but it really does!

It was a perfect night, really!! just post-anxiety??? is that even a thing?? I have anxiety before things too mostly from other events and trying to remember what my post-anxiety was from before and fix it? but what a silly thing?

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