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412nes Team reacts to The Hellfreaks!!

What's rockin' rockers!! We have a kick ass team reaction video for you

with THE HELLFREAKS one of the DI Records Music Mania 2 Finalist!!

We loved them so much we reacted to 3 of their music videos.

I would also have to say they are one of my new favorite bands, I don't know how I hadn't listened to them before! Literally everything about The Hellfreaks are awesome: their music, their fashion, their story, the music videos like 100 out of 100 they are doing everything right!

So watch along with Mr. Bones, The Witherow Diaries (+ her hubby), and I! I think we had a really great discussuion and its awesome that we have eachother to watch with because we all notice different aspects of the videos and it makes for a even better reaction/review! I know this one is a bit long and the next one is pretty long too, but I hope you all are enjoying the longer form videos. Short ones will be coming soon too, now that I have a new laptop and an edit booth at home! Next up is the Team interview with Dancing with Ghosts and then Finally I will be putting together a snippets. So get your submissions in ASAP (sorry to anyone who has submitted and is waiting, for some reason it is super hard to get particapation latley! And on top of that I am going to be doing something new and exciting too. I am going to link another one of their music videos and I want you to record your reaction or after thoughts and send them into for a future reaction video!! Please leave a comment and or share to let me know what you think!!

And if you don't already like my page or subscribe on YouTube!!

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