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412nes: Snippets Episode 4!!

Episode 4 of Snippets is finally here and thank you so much to our dude Nolan Dingwall for spreading the word and helping to get submissions!! From now on Snippets is going to be only once a month; that is if you guys submit clips for me! Just record a 30-second to 1-minute clip of yourself doing pretty much anything, clips all ready recorded are welcome but I do prefer clips made for 412nes!! Anyways with further ado here is Episode 4 featuring...

Evernoir Josh Dimmel Samm Bones Trinity Black of Fifth Element Studios Modern Fossils Exile_or_Death (Instagram only) Keep Away & Quantum Drop Love

Don't forget to check out Sunday's 412nes Episode introducing the 412nes team Mr. Bones & The Witherow Diaries! And hit follow/subscribe like to get notifications for future 412nes videos. The next video will be featuring the winners of DI Records Music Mania 2 and Dakota Horbaczek of DI Records as well!

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