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412nes: Show Snippets: DEMATUS at The Crafthouse!

Hello BatFriends, I'm here with an all new, the first 2021 SHOW SNIPPETS!!!! I got to go see Dematus play at Crafthouse Stage & Grill, of course DI Records was in the house!! Seriously, these amazing humans ROCK in all aspects.. Check out the snippets of their set here!!

This is such an exciting occasion for me, I really didn't think I was quite ready for a show but at the same time I was. Anyways I finally got to check out The Crafthouse and I obviously pulled out my camera to kick myself back into making content. (although I totally forgot all the video and audio settings I used to use - think it turned out pretty okay).

Let me know what you think, go follow and leave comments for Dematus, DI Records just had a huge announcement so go follow them as well. And always Keep on Rockin'!!!

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