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412nes + Mr.Bones: Get to Know: Dancing with Ghost!!!

Yo, Yo, You, Yo! Get to Know, Dancing with Ghosts with Mr. Bones and I!

DWG is a DIY duo from Florida and part of the DI Records family!! They have gnarly way of blending and transitioning to and from a vast variety of genera's and styles!

DWG aesthetic synthesizes all sounds and styles within the “alterative” categories with heavy 80s vibes and beyond!! They use such differing styles and elements though out each song It is tricky to list them all, you will just have to listen and see what you hear! But what I would call it is DEMONIC ELECTRONIC!!!

DWG are incredibly intelligent, creative and talented. Their DIY skills are insane, to create every aspect of their own music videos; from characters, costumes, make- up, effects, locations, etc. Is incredible and how well they pull it off we are in WOW!

They’ve fully created cinematic like experience with their themes of horror and a post-apocalyptic world. With that experience of course alongside their tubular jams it really lets listeners to be fully immersed in those worlds they have created.

So, watch us chatting about all of that and more!!! Go like, subscribe, follow on their social media’s and keep an eye out for their new single, Obsidian Blood out on October 24th!

And as always please leave a comment to let us all know what you think!

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