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412nes: God Hates Unicorn's Chipped Ma'am!

Hey oh!!! I'm back sorry I took a month break and seem super awkward in the video. Had a few things going on plus this seaon change has me kind of just weird but back to it!!!

Today I have a little preview of God Hates Unicorns's music video Chipped Ma'am! It came out a few weeks back and it is a really rad jam and video.

This video looked like so much fun to make. Out on a picinic on a nice day, with some comedy in there, found footage, really awesome colorization on the video and duel voices! I also love how they set it up like a film and follow a story line. Seriously it is a really cool video.

Take a look a the first bit of the music video and to find the rest check out Got Hate's Unicorns YouTube!!

A little heads up this song may not be for everyone it has some strong sexual language.

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