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412nes: DI Records Music Mania 2 Winners... Zoom Interview!!

What's rockin' everyone!! Check out the first of the DI Records Music Mania 2's Finalist videos, the winners from North Bay, ON!!! We got to sit down and chat (over Zoom) all about the band, their label Ego and Pessimism Records, and what winning Music Mania has done for them. Dakota Horbaczek of DI Records also joined in on the zoom call and we talked about what DI Records is all about as well as the inspiration behind Music Mania.

Also, stick around for me being a total weirdo at the end. I was home alone, in a silly weird mood, and really didn't think I would edit any of it into the video! But I thought it was funny when working on it, so threw it on there if anyone wants to stick around for that part.

This video took quite a while as I'm sure you all know, I kept posting the work progress! We filmed it a full month ago but I hope the wait and all the time put into it was worth it! I need just one day a week or every other week completely dedicated to editing and or filming but its been a bit crazy to do that, also every time I plan that day it doesn't happen. So thank you for being patient with me!!

Please go check out as well as DI Records and please, please, please leave comments for us all!!!!

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