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412nes: Chip & The Charge Ups; Black and Gold Christmas!!

412nes: Chip & The Charge Ups; Black and Gold Christmas!!

It’s been exactly one week since Chip & The Charge Ups premiered their newest music video Black & Gold Christmas. As of last night they have 20,000+ views and counting! You definitely want to be one of those viewers because it is an awesome jam for the holiday season, especially if you are here in the 412, from the 412, or just if you love Pittsburgh! It is packed full of Pittsburgh stars, key locations, and of course some iconic pittsburghese words and such; all put together in a clever catchy way! Not only did they put together a totally rockin song and music video they are using it as a way to help the community. Chip & The Charge Ups teamed up with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank; they have a Black & Gold Christmas tee you can purchase all proceeds go to the food bank. I got to sit down with Chip as well as with Ryan from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank! We talk about how the connected, about the music video shoot, the guest singers and their roles, a little about an event that they got to see as well as has been popular in the Pittsburgh memes recently, some holiday chat, and about how you can get help or how you can help the food bank! See some clips from the music video, some archived 412nes video from previous Chip & The Charge Ups episodes! (one full ep and one show snippets)! Also some other fun moments and quite possibly a new meme (well kind of)!! Lets show off our Pittsburgh Pride along side them!!! And always Keep on Rockin!
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