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412nes with BatTrish (Recap 2015-2017)

412nes with BatTrish (Recap 2015-2017)

Here it is, FINALLY, this weeks @412nes with Bat Trish This week I made something a bit different, I wanted to celebrate all the previous awesome 412nes episodes we’ve made! Its been going on for about a year and half, HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!! So happy and excited to have made it this long, and to continue and grow as a brand and (fingers crossed) as a future business! I have loved getting to meet everyone throughout 412nes so many great friends can be found because of music!!! Thank you to everyone who has been on 412nes and future 412nes! :) to contact me use this Facebook page or email me at! 412nes Episodes!!! Lexa Terrestrial Mr. Smalls Recording and Mastering Four Chord Music Festival Soul Raydio Aubrey Burchell Punchline Weird Paul Petroskey The Telephone Line Jordan York Native Alloys Serpent Lord Divine Betrayal Soulios The Mixus Brothers Greywalker Incinerate Creation Dave's Music Mine Salvage the Tongue Staghorn Beardly Customs Vertigo Social Repose Radioactive Events Center Inc. Ziggy Sawdust Productions SIKES Daily Grind Emily Rodgers Gene The Werewolf Somber Chronicles Get Nasty Chet Vincent & The Big Bend For Dizzier Heights The Romantic Era Vans Warped Tour Brooke Surgener Heffron Drive Anti Flag The Danzas The Wire Riots The Semi-Supervillains Thunder Vest Beauty Slap SECRET EYES Dizzy Woosh Standard Broadcast Kleptosonic Alter the Design LocaL Jaye Hill THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE INVOLVED! PLEASE SHARE SO 412NES CAN CONTINUE TO GROW!! XOXOX- LiLBat
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