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Spacebat Productions is the now! 2022 has been extremely busy for Trish. She started a new job at WQED where she is a teaching artist as well as a digital content producer and has worked on multiple episodes of their series "SESSIONS". Working on these Sessions's videos has taken 412nes to a whole new level. Most of the 412nes videos from 2022 are announcement videos letting viewers know where to find her episodes of Sessions.


2022 has also brought a huge opportunity to Spacebat Productions and 412nes. 412nes was asked to be part of a new channel called MUSIC FROM THE 412, to premiere at the beginning of 2023. Trish is creating a show that will be called "SPACEBAT PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS". This will be a variety series that will showcase Pittsburgh artist, musicians, and events. There will be 13 episode season with a cast of host including BatTrish (412nes), Mr. Bones, Lexa Terrestrial, Aiden Flame, and more to come. 

This is allowing Spacebat Productions to be a real production team. There are amazing people joining the Spacebat Productions crew and we can't wait to bring you more information. What is really cool is that that group of  friends's that Trisha orginally started calling the Spacebats are all going to be part of this too.  


412nes focused on a series called Show Snippets, quick fun video recaps of a set from a show. With COVID Snippets quickly turned into being submission based. 412nes included artist/bands of all kinds, any one who submitted a video into a showcase. 

Trisha also created another brand name SPACEBAT PRODUCTIONS as more of an umbrella brand in which 412nes would be under, so not to limit herself to only music.


412nes took a hiatus after the 4the412 project ended and made a come back in 2019. 412nes expanded creating more than just videos but also offers graphic design services, specifically helping bands to create their  EPK's. 


412nes got its start in 2015 as part of a project called 4the412 by WTAE (Channel 4 NEWS). The web show (YouTube) style was that  of a mini-doc/news/vlog. This show was hosted/created by Trisha Hosac (Smith); BatTrish aka JustTrishSmith.

Trish called her friend group The SPACEBATS. The name origination from her love of bats and one of her best friends, Lexa Terrestrial's love of space! They talked plans of maybe some day having a comic called The Spacebats! (similar to Josie and the Pussy Cats/Jem and the Holograms, etc.)

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